A Note on Astrology & The Procession of the Aeons

A Note on Astrology & The Procession of the Aeons

A Note on Astrology

The principles of astrology and its notions appear anachronistic if not antiquated. Not only is the Universe not geocentric; it is not heliocentric. Any representational model of the Universe with the Earth at its center, or even the Sun, is likely to affront the scientific and philosophic sensibilities of an honest man. Nonetheless, its practical applications still hold, especially in matters cosmological and impersonal. For though it is a crude model and disregards all but the coarsest of Effects, it might at least be accurate within those confines its science was originally bound by. Unfortunately the lofty considerations contained in these researches are often employed (and thus rendered ineffective) in matters of a personal and private nature. Thus we hear of Humanity applying to Astrology in matters of Divination for such mundane questions as, which career path to choose, or whether or not to invest in the commodities market. The influences of the planetary bodies, their gravitational pulls and the shadow they cast over Us, are too broad and pervasive an effect, for it to have any Personal or personally directed effect, especially when the Sky is cut so broadly as it is in the Zodiac; especially as the Sky (and the Bodies ascendent and descendent bejewelling her Body) covers all on the Planet equally.

If the perceptual universe is a Field of relativity as modern Physics holds, then one can take any point in Space and fix it as the origin of a System of coordinates, or as a fixed point from which to calculate displacements, velocities and the angles of entry of other bodies in the Field. In Astrology, one takes the Sphere of Earth or Malka as the fixed point about which all Else revolves.

If one takes the Earth as the center of the system, then the Sun (and other bodies) appears to trace an elliptical orbit about the dome of the sky over the course of each year called the ecliptic. This imaginary line or ecliptic is what is termed the Zodiac belt. In fact, the orbital paths of the planets rarely deviate more than 8 degrees of this imaginary line.1

If we place the Earth at the center of this belt, then the skies and all the Bodies within Her, can be said to ‘revolve’ around the planet. This in any case, are the conditions as they appear to us here, from our vantage on the surface of the Planet.

This belt is now divided equally into twelve segments, so that in this System, the Sky is flattened to a Disc (from a sphere supposedly) and divided into 12 equal segments or Houses. This division leaves 30 degrees for each House. The number of segments, like those of the Clock, appear arbitrary at first or convenient at best, as do their attributions.


The names of the twelve Houses and their glyphs are as follows:



English Title


Date Set



The Ram


March 21-April 20


The Bull

30 - 60

April 21-May 20



The Twins

60 - 90

May 21-June 20



The Crab

90 - 120

June 21-July 22



The Lion

120 - 150

July 23-August 22



The Virgin

150 - 180

August 23-September 22



The Scales

180 - 210

September 23-October 22



The Scorpion

210 - 240

October 23-November 21



The Archer/Centaur

240 - 270

November 22-December 21



The Sea-goat

270 - 300

December 22-January 19



The Water-Carrier

300 - 330

January 20-February 19



The Fish

330 – 360

February 20-March 20

By placing the Earth at the center of this disc, the skies can be said to ‘revolve’ around the planet. In this way, the separate bodies of the heavens (the sun, the moon, the planets, comets and stars), will be each within a particular House at any point in time.

The collective positions or map of the locations of the stellar and planetary bodies are said to exercise an influence over the Earth. It is one thing if Venus in Taurus (harmonious) and another if it is in Scorpio. It is also a different case altogether if Venus is in Taurus while Mars in the House as well. There is a further discrepancy as to the angle Venus in its House at that Time, makes with the Earth.

The theory then is that the individual positions of all the bodies combine together to collectively determine the influence field that wafts over the planet and is thus in itself, significant as to ultimately affect the general conditions of the Malka plane.

Also, each House has a ruling planet or God and these are more significant that is, constricting or salient as an influence, than any other consideration. Besides these ‘Rulerships’ there are also elemental and planetary attributions in varying phases, as well as other subtleties we present shortly.

The study of the theory of The Harmony of the Spheres which lies in a sense, at the base of the system, is therefore Necessary.

To summarize: one body affects another either harmoniously or unharmoniously, that is, either mitigating or increasing the effect of the first via:

  1. their general and natural sympathies (concordances) and,
  2. their position relative to each other.

We present summary tables of these two factors, (1) concordance and (2) position. Students familiar with the Astrology may forego these tables.

(1) Concordances

Each house is said to group properties particular to it, and each House has its Motto and interpretation:











House of Self

Physical appearance, traits and characteristics. Ego. Aggression, leadership, enterprise, warfare, government, anger, impulses, inspiration, vengeance.





House of Value

Money, property, acquisitions. Cultivation and growth. Self-Worth. Stability/stagnation, beauty, pleasure, material things, love, debauchery, prosperity, maintenance of status quo, stubbornness.





House of Communications

Higher education and childhood environment. Communication. Siblings. Cleverness, trickery, commerce, analysis, reason, intellect, dispute, changeability.





House of Home and Family

Ancestry, heritage, roots. Early foundation and environment. Maternal archetypes. Caretaker of the household. Cyclic end of matters. Intense emotion, rapid movement, changeability, oracles and divination, adaptability, hidden things.





House of Pleasure

Recreational and leisure activities. Games and gambling. Creative self-expression. Royalty, nobility, stability/stagnation, inspiration, passion, leadership.





House of Health

Routine tasks and duties. Skills or training acquired. Health and overall well-being. Service performed for others. Preservation.





House of Partnerships

Close relationships. Marriage and business partners. Agreements and treaties. Diplomacy. Open (known) enemies. Attraction. Beauty, pleasure, intellect, communication, aesthetic senses, love.





House of Reincarnation

Cycles of Deaths And Rebirth. Sexual relationships. Occult, psychic and taboo matters. Regeneration. Self-transformation. Warfare, aggression, intense emotion, hidden things





House of Philosophy

Culture. Long distance travels and journeys. Religion. Law and ethics. Knowledge. Experience through expansion. Learning, changeability, inspiration, religion.





House of Social Status

Ambitions. Motivations. Career. Status in society. Government. Authority. Father or father figure. Breadwinner of the household. Leadership, restriction, limitation, rapid movement.





House of Friendships

Groups, clubs and societies. Higher associations. Benefits and fortunes from career. Hopes. Wishes.




House of Self-Undoing

Mysticism. Places of seclusion, self-imposed imprisonments. Things not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others. Elusive, clandestine, secretive or unbeknownst matters. Retreat, reflection and self-sacrifice. Unconscious/subconscious. Unknown enemies.


Planetary Rulerships



Ruling Planet/God

Elemental Attribution

Yin / Yang




Cardinal Fire




Fixed Earth




Mutable Air




Cardinal Water




Fixed Fire




Mutable Earth




Cardinal Air




Fixed Water




Mutable Fire




Cardinal Earth




Fixed Air




Mutable Water


In addition to the planetary rulerships, there are also Houses in which a planet can be exalted, in detriment or in “Fall”. The table below indicates which planets are exalted, in detriment or in fall in the various signs. In general, planets will be in detriment in those signs opposite to the signs they rule. Planets are also said to be in their fall in certain signs, implying a waning of their force.


We summarize the different aspects positions may have upon two bodies in the following table. Note that a position (conjunction, sextile) can be favourable or unfavourable depending on the planets involved, their ruling gods and whether or not these planets are harmonious or opposite in character. (See polarities, Yin/Yang, Detriments, etc.)


(major, favorable)

A conjunction occurs when two planets are from 0 to 7 degrees of each other. In this case their energies mix with each other to an equal degree and either (1) reinforce each other, giving emphasis to the planet’s expression, or (2) interfere with each other, cancelling each planet’s expression.


(minor, favorable)

This aspect is of mixed quality. The planets involved will be in inharmonious signs. The planets may support each other materially, but because the harmonies indicate the need for attention to both contrasting energies so that each may operate effectively.

SEMI-SQUARE (45° ± 3°)


(minor, unfavorable)

The semi-square is similar to a square, but weaker in its effects.

SEXTILE (60° ± 5°)

(major, favorable)

The planets involved are of the same in polarity, quality, and functions harmoniously.

QUINTILE (72° ± 5°)


(minor, favorable)

Here any contrasting elements won’t be in direct opposition; likewise any concordant elements will not have a direct supporting effect, but buttresses the operation.

SQUARE (90° ± 7°)
Challenge, Obstacle (
major, unfavorable)

In this aspect, the energies clash, each trying to gain ascendency over the other regardless if they be harmonious or not (for they remain two separate things and at best create a third which is the union of the two and an another thing altogether, separate from the original object of the operation.

TRINE (120° ± 7°)

(major, favorable)

Angles here again indicate no direct opposition, but a buttressing support.

SESQUI-QUADRATE (135° ± ) Agitation

(minor, unfavorable)

This aspect indicates minor obstacles that overcome easily.

QUINCUNX (150° ± ):


(minor, unfavorable)

Close to being in direct opposition, it is difficult to harmonize the energies of two bodies at this angle. There is a call for atavistic Change.

On the Procession of the Aeons

--Students not familiar with the basic principles of Astrology should refer to the “Notes on Astrology” chapter in this book.

Observe that by means of the Zodiac belt, the perceptual universe has been reduced from 3 dimensions to 2 dimensions, and that this two-dimensional space has been further reduced to twelve discrete units. The Zodiac is in fact then, no more than an ecliptic system of coordinates; and Astrology employs a projectional map of the universe onto the two-dimensional using this ecliptic system of coordinates.

The Hindu zodiac meanwhile, uses a sidereal coordinate system which takes into account fixed stars and other immobile bodies. As early as Mesopotamia, Humanity was already aware that these fixed bodies were not fixed as such, but were moving very slowly: approximately 1° every 72 years. At this rate, the whole Sky (or Universe to Mesopotamian Man) traces a complete revolution and comes full circle, ends the cycle and begins anew, every 72 x 1° x 360° = 25 920 years.

By consequence, every 25 920 / 12 = 2160 years, the sphere of fixed Bodies enters into a new astrological House as it traces its path through the cycle. For this reason, we are said to enter into a new Aeon every 2000 years or so, as we have done most recently in March 1904, in entering the Age of Aquarius or the Aeon of Horus, as it is called by some. In this way, every 2160 years or so, a great paradigm shift occurs in the Universe, where a ‘new God sits at the Equinox’, and a new Sign presides over the operations of the Planet; and so the World undergoes violent contortion under the sudden cultural, spiritual, political, material (etc.) Change to accommodate the shifting of the Guards.

The Procession of the AEONS


If we fold the ellipse of the zodiac belt into a helix about Pisces we find it touches precisely at the spot where Aries and Aquarius meet.


Thus, in this Age of Aquarius, we see the Fires of Aires, the House in which Mars (L) rules and the Sun (A)1 is exalted, burning and shining into the fixed Air of Aquarius, and not Libra as one would expect. Yet others have suggested that, it is not the Seat at the Equinox that revolves but the Houses themselves, so that in this, the Age of Aquarius, the Aeon of Horus (Mars + Sol) takes on the rulerships and other diverse properties of the House of Aries (not only the TARO card, as will be discussed.) This would imply essentially exchanging one House for the other. We see Error in this, but understand that beneath the Veil where the ROTA wheel operates, there is no need for distinction between what is image as reflection and what is image as projection, for Union of Object and Subject is the Goal, and the distinction (or the question) was illusory to begin with.

We see that subtleties present themselves in the New Aeon system. Some of these confirm the latest of scientific discovery (especially as relates to physics, relativity and observer effects) and empirical advances; while yet others appear to block progress along specific lines.

A note on the Key Scale of the old system, Aeonic and Post-418 attributions.

We note that the keys of the ROTA as well as any old glyph set are designed for pre-418 and Osirian Aeon consciousness and effects. As such, they are anachronistic and ineffective in those cases where they are mal-aligned to the realities of the present. Thus the ATU 16 ‘House of God’ is attributed to Pé, or Mars. In the English Key, this is clearly L averse and the accompanying imbalance that precipitates the Fall (as illustrated in the card’s design). Yet these conditions cease to be in post-418; and in the Supernals, there is no L averse.

Now, it is clear that the ROTA wheel bears its effects through the Elements, so that above the Veil these effects cease to Be. Also, the Initiate will note that He will have burned the Book of Thoth in the 8th Aethyr, for in this Book is contained all the Wisdom of the Aeon Past, and Hadit burning in the Initiate’s Heart, breathes his Fire into the Page of History, so that his Bride may be Free of History and born Virginal once again.

However, as technical matters are concerned, the ROTA wheel itself spins beneath the Veil and throws out Fortune and Image from its centre in accordance to The Law. We can not expect this Wheel to remain unaltered, to not have shifted somewhere in its axis, to not have slowed down or accelerated.

Note, the line in Liber AL vel Legis (a Class A document):

All these old letters of my Book are aright, but Tzaddi is not the Star.” – Liber Al I, 57.

In the past, this has been taken to mean that Tzaddi was incorrectly attributed to ATU XVII – The Star. We call attention to the mention of ‘these old letters’ in the text, reminding the Student of what was said about the Book of Thoth and the Aeon Past.

Now if Tzaddi is not the Star, then some other letter must be; and Tzaddi must be replaced by that which it replaces to maintain the integrity of the system. For reasons of symmetry, Aries was switched with Aquarius signalling the dawn of the 3rd Aeon, the Aeon of Horus as some have called it. Now, Hé the Daughter is The Star (Aquarius) which one would generally attribute (via alliteration) to H, and Tzaddi the Emperor (Aries) to Z. However we know the Cheth (Ch) glyph to have transformed itself into the H (so that the C is implied); and that this glyph corresponds to the Chariot, which is traditionally attributed to Cancer, the Crab. We will see shortly how Tzaddi did not resolve into the Z (which corresponds more directly to the Zayin of the old key), but instead the R is now the Emperor and of the House of Aries.

According to this system then, we have two states so far:



Tzaddi – The Star – hr

Tzaddi – The Emperor – r

Hé – The Emperor – r

Hé – The Star – hr

 This is the solution proposed by 418-666-1111 as is noted very frequently in his documentation.

However, the line is: “All these old letters of my Book are aright, Tzaddi is not the Star.” It does not say that Hé is not the Emperor, or that Hé is the Star. In fact, quite the opposite, for it states explicitly that “all these ‘old’ letters of my Book are aright”, so a deeper mystery is here implied. Since we are not so much concerned with these “old” letters as we are with the new, we call the Student’s attention to the fact that Tzaddi once 90 in value, is non-existent in the new system, and has been displaced to 89, that of T final, a number particular to the Black Brothers.

Some are of the Opinion, that the attribution of the TARO card alone does not suffice, but that it is the Sky itself that revolves and so leads the Seat or Equinox to the House which remains fixed. In this way, Aries has switched positions with Aquarius on the pivot of Pisces, because the Sky has revolved, so that in this corner of the Sky (Aquarius), it is now Mars that Rules and the Sun which is exalted, while in Aries, Saturn is exalted. This arrangement appears at first to coincide with the declaration of Liber 220 and its codex as AL (Sun + Mars) whose Union composes the Body of Ra Hoor Khuit, and the apparent ‘demotion’ of The Emperor Card or ATU IV in the old ROTA, which is now relegated to the Saturnian, where the fiery nature of the card is rendered null by the Waters of Binah. However, the Aeon itself may be more properly viewed as Saturnian in its action for this very reason—a point which serves to illustrate the distinction between rulerships and exaltations. The Aeon though apparently Martial in its Rulership (the God and the Planet are two different Ideas however concordant they be), certainly is not exalting Harmony: as is the case of the formulae of the old Aeon. The Aeon is more properly Saturnian in its influence, as all are attracted to Binah and to the Crossing of the Abyss and to the accomplishment of 418. Aquarius the Water-Bearer, bears the waters of Binah to Humanity. This small realization may frame and serve to explain the reason for the Class A texts, the Qabalah itself, and the establishment of the Aethyrs materially in Nature.

There may be other considerations for this switch as well. Note Liber Al, II, 15-16:

15. “For I am perfect, being Not; and my number is nine by the fools; but with the just I am eight, and one in eight: Which is vital, for I am none indeed. The Empress and the King are not of me; for there is a further secret.”

16. “I am The Empress & the Hierophant. Thus eleven, as my bride is eleven.”

We apply to Gematria to gain a fuller sense of the meaning in these two lines:

Note that for the old Key, we have the following:

Empress ≡ Daleth ≡ 4; Emperor ≡ He ≡ 5; Hierophant ≡ Vau ≡ 6

Also note that The Empress is ATU 3, the 4th card; The Emperor ATU 4, the 5th card; The Hierophant ATU 5, the 6th card on the ROTA wheel.

For the new Key, we have the following:

Empress ≡ D ≡ 8; Emperor ≡ R ≡ 9; Hierophant ≡ V ≡ 80

Note also that certain terms are capitalized (e.g. “Not”). The English Key gives the following for these technical terms:

  • ‘Not’ = 248 = 31 x 8
  • King = 124 = 31 x 4
  • Empress + Hierophant = 31 x 13
  •  Empress = 120 (with s final) & Hierophant = 283
  • ‘eight’ = 121=112 = Hadit
  • perfect = 144 = 122
  • ‘eleven’ = 223.

The meaning of these lines now becomes clear:

Line 15

For I am perfect, being Not He is 31 into 8 (i.e. The word into Mercury “31 is a secret key of this Law.” N.B. 31 = Aleph + Lamed or AL and hence the title of the Book, Liber AL; or SH in the new key, equivalent to Shin in the Hebrew Key).

and my number is nine by the fools;Nine is R, the Emperor, or the King. (N.B. ‘fools’ is not capitalized - that is, does not refer to The Fool of Atu 0)

 but with the just I am eight -- He is Hadit (eight = 121 = Hadit). Also : Empress + Hierophant = ATU 3 + ATU 5 = 8 in the TARO and 8 + 80 in the English Key (8 into 11).

 and one in eight -- He is one with Hadit.

Which is vital, for I am none indeed: That is He unites perfectly with Hadit, and is absorbed in his Infinity (the 8 is the symbol of infinity, but upright); he does not stand apart, that is, He is not 1 + 8 = 9, as already stated and here emphasized: (which is ‘vital’) he is not 9, that is he is not R, the Emperor (King) as declared clearly in the next line.

The Empress and the King are not of me; for there is a further secret. — He is not the King (31 into 4); He is perfect being Not (31 into 8). Again the emphasis: He is not 9 : Empress + King (Emperor) = Daleth + He = 9. He is not to be found in the Union of the Empress and the King, but in that of the Empress and the Hierophant, as we see in the next line. 

Line 16

“I am the Empress & the Hierophant and so eleven”: -- Empress + Hierophant = ATU 3 + ATU 5 = 8 (‘to the just I am eight’) as we have noted. But also Empress = D and Hierophant = V in the English Key, so that we have 8 + 80 = 88 and the result of this division is 11. (8 into 11).  

Also Hadit = 121 = 11 x 11 and so He is eleven as his bride (see below).

In yet another way, Empress + Hierophant = 120 + 283 = 403 = 31 x 13 which is AL x LA in the old key. (A full revolution on the 31, the secret key of this Law); while Empress + King = 120 + 124 = 244 = 2 x 122 (1 more than Hadit) = 4 x 61.

Finally, Empress = Daleth and Hierophant = Vau in the Old Key so that we have Empress + Hierophant = 10 and 8 + 80 = 88 iff 8(1 + 10)=8(11) iff 1 + 10 = 11. As this 8 is not merely an 8, but ‘one in eight’, and ‘none indeed’ for it disappears as its union is perfect.

“as my bride is eleven”: --He is eight and she is eleven, so that we have 8 and 11 acting upon each other. And we know 8 x 11 = 8 + 80 = Empress + Hierophant. There is a further mystery here: Observer that Empress with both Ss final is 138 which is the enumeration to the words ‘my bride’ that precede it, so that ‘my bride’ = 138 = Empresfsf affirming the identity between his Bride and The Empress.

Note finally, that ‘Hadit’ and ‘eight’ = 121 which is 11 x 11.

We can pursue this analyses indefinitely. What we have in these lines is a perfect discrete continuum of infinity progressively revealing the Truth, Beauty and Necessity of these arrangements the more we Hunt this Truth.


The operation of any Glyph is Perfect in and of itself. This is so, despite that beneath the Veil of the Abyss its qualities have been altered, the angles of entry have been deflected and sometimes its nature transformed in the Passage. The case is made even more onerous if it is the pure Glyph one seeks while beneath the Veil of the Abyss, for at such Time, He is blind to the Perfections. And then afterwards, standing upon the Waters above the Abyss, He ceases to be concerned with that field in which the glyphs operate beneath the Veil. Such is the rule. As it is written, “Confound her understanding with darkness.”

Nonetheless, these points must be kept in mind when it comes to the tables of syncreticism presented.








A is the Star particular to the System.




N and Y are two phases of Mercury, and these (N final, Y consonant and B) are all 6. But B the Breasts of Babalon which is Mercury as the Word emanating from Chokmah is all that remains without refraction. (BREASTS (175) + OF (90) + BABALON (176, with L balanced) = 441.




Venus is now more intimately, Babalon or Diana as Huntress.





(MT) L’s are necessarily balanced. (L averse is no more. 50 the number of the gates of Death is dropped from the system: All N’s final as per the 2nd Aire.





Because Saggitarius the arrow is the House of Jupiter (The I emerges from its House, is manifest and becomes Sagittarius necessary to the Body of Babalon as Huntress.





The Ordeal X is undergone (all X’s are activated and Saturnian from Aries. (The R remains in Aries), i.e. X is 300 and ‘Shin’ or the 5 spoked Wheel of Spirit is operational.




These pertain to the 10th and the 2nd Aires.



U, F

The Cup was always there, but not Seen by those who who made the Aeon II a quest for the Grail.



P(as Gaia),Y

The Son sacrificed on the Table/Altar is now become the the Mother, pregnant with the Daughter that later awakens the “eld of the Father”.




The Moon has waned. That false light is behind one’s Shadow. (All O’s cresecented)




See notes on ordeal x. The R remains the Ram, the animal noble and fierce in the lofty heights is docile like the lamb once fettered. This is the Emperor and the Principle of Government in action and properly describes the cycle of the phallus or the brute male force.




The V is now doubled – VV, the Horns (the Head must be Lowered for the Horns to be of effect) are now upraised and the eyes are on the Horizon.




Union, Birth, Growth - these fundamentals have not changed except in Value.





What was once a compound glyph is now established.





Q is mature and is replaced by F in the schema.








L av


The L is no longer averse; otherwise, the Initiate would have perished in the Abyss.





At first the S (the Son) sinks into the Piscean realm of Death and Rebirth. Then He does not sink. (See Sf and note 23.)





The Vision of the Arrow vis Liber 418. These require the plumes of MAUT, then become MAAT.





Tf is the Altar and is attributed to Capricorn the Goat, the first of animals to give their Blood to the Sacrificial Altar. It is also a number of the Black Brothers (see Liber 418) and so constitutes a promise.





These mysteries pertain to the grade of Magister Templi and the numbers 441, 156, 233, 333, 388, 883, 888 and are discussed briefly in Liber B vel Magi—specifically as regards the letter M and the Silence required to transition from 401 to 441. Note that 401 is the old key for Cursing and 441 for Truth. Now 441 = 401 + 40 so that M brings about Truth and an end to the Curse of the Magus. Observe that 401 + M = 441 is a summary of the operation. The mechanics entail uniting the wheels with Kether. We note that 401 = 202 + 1 whereas 441 = (20 +1)2 so that the action of 1 is taken into the reverberation.

  1. a. Finally, note that 20=G which is Union and pertains to those mysteries of Squaring the Circle or materializing the Will.





The undulatory power of the Snake and the Son that walks on Water and does Not Sink: in this place the S remains.



Z, Nf


Also Z the Lightning Flash now manifests not as Fire that Burns, but Electricity that Beams and passes from Fire to Light, and so Thought and information (for Light contains Image which is information).





It is improper to deal here with this austere subject. The 2nd Aethyr completes this triune initiation concealed in the Shin. (Yeah Than, Yeah Theli, Yeah Lilith). See note 3 above:

  1. a. N, the Gate of Death and Y the Tree of Life also take on revised attributions/concordances upon successful completion of 418. These are discussed in detail elsewhere in this book.





f=2 is transitory and lurks only because of the Q which it propels. Once the Q is planted and the vine not drowned in the Flood***, then F appears and the E is perceived. ***See notes on Z and especially H and the Chariopt and Cancer the Crab, the one who survives the Flood.





The Word is Falsehood the moment it departs the 1. That is, its very reception implies falsehood for the word is unintelligible, inasmuch as it is a Man, and a Magus, inscrutable in his mystery (see 2nd Aethyr and the whirling sword that is thrown off from him), and in that it is the Voice of Silence.


1 Hence the title of the document announcing the inception of the Aeon as Liber AL (liber is Latin for book). L upright adopts a Martian quality, pre-418.

1 In the same way that gravitational fields create the rings of Saturn and flatten all in its Wake to a revolving Disk, the Same happens with the Sun, its gravitational field and all the bodies in the Solar System.




59 These attributions depend upon several considerations the primary of which is the transition to the Aeon III and the revolutions of the Zodiac wheel, especially as regards Aries The Ram, Aquarius The Water-Bearer (The Age of the Aeon); ATUs The Emperor, The Star and The Chariot; and the letters R, x and H as they transition from the Aeon and pre- to post-418. Also observe that in particular phases: Ch = Q = F = Ph, Y = N, P = C, etc. denoting some form astrological equivalence.

60 BREASTS (175) + OF (90) + BABALON (176, with L balanced) = 441 = 212, the operational number of a Magus, affirming this identity. See Liber B vel Magi for more on this.

61 See letter Y that shares in this attribution in one of its phases. She is our Mother who hath Borne Us and given Us of her Body for nourishment.

62 ITs key in the ROTA is The Emperor, which portrays the Principle of Government in action and properly describes the cycle of the phallus or the brute male force. Note the cross in its lower parts formed by the Emperor legs, implying the impotence of material authority (See Tf = 89 in the new Aeon and the transition of Tzaddi and the Black Brothers which this Card conceals in its Lower Parts: the T of the Emperor’s crossed legs) and the coming of Chaos, for this Emperor is the one seated within the Tower of the ROTA key of Mars.